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Christine Peffer Bennett (H-Net), Emily Elliott (H-Net), Jesse Draper (H-Net), LeighAnn Wilson (University of Massachusetts Global), seth offenbach

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Please join us for the inaugural remote, Zoom conference sponsored by H-Teach (https://networks.h-net.org/h-teach), an H-Net network for an intellectual exchange focusing on history teaching methods at all levels in diverse settings. The conference program is linked below for your reference.

Our theme for this inaugural conference, “Uncharted Territories: Teaching History, Humanities, and Social Sciences in Innovative Ways,” will resonate with teachers at all levels of the educational system and especially in history and related fields in the humanities and social sciences. In an era when educators are hit with top-down models of assessment, forced to redesign courses for remote work, confined in curricular development by book bans, and under assault over public misconceptions of supposedly teaching Critical Race Theory, this conference will provide a gathering to discuss and to learn ways to chart through the challenges teachers face in the classroom including threats to academic freedom. Our participants will also present innovative new ways to teach history and solutions to topics under threat of elimination, such as slavery or the slave trade, by political bodies across the country, providing resources for faculty development.

Thank you for attending the 2022 H-Net Teaching Conference. We sincerely thank you for your participation and support. Please consider contributing ($15 suggested) donation to help fund this and future H-Net Teaching Conferences. H-Net is an academic 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, and all contributions are tax-deductible.

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    • Welcome, Keynote
      Conveners: Dr Jesse Draper (H-Net), Dr Robert Cassanello (H-Net Past President), Dr Seth Offenbach (H-Net President)
      • 1
      • 2
        “Setting Positive Class Expectations Through Shared Language, Civil Practices, and Clear Directions” (HTeach)
        Speakers: Dr Amy Carney (Associate Professor of History, Pennsylvania State University, the Behrend College), Dr Kat Ringenbach (Professor of Psychology, University of Massachusetts Global)
    • Papers (Monday)
      • 3
        Teaching the Diversity of Islam in World History
        Speaker: Mr Syed "Sammy" Ahmed (Ph.D. Candidate, Instructor of World Civilization and Political Science, Highland College)
      • 4
        Embracing Classroom Emotionality: Obstacles and Strategies in the Middle Eastern Studies Classroom
        Speaker: Dr Pheroze Unwalla (Assistant Professor of History/Chair, Middle East Studies, The University of British Columbia)
    • Panel: A Forum on the Politics of Teaching History in Florida and Texas

      Moderator: Dr. Brad Cartwright, Associate Professor of Instruction, University of Texas at El Paso.
      Participant: Dr. Jose Maria Herrera, Clinical Associate Professor, University of Texas at El Paso
      Participant: Dr. Robert Cassanello, Associate Professor, University of Central Florida

    • Panel: Teaching Caste in India and the USA
      • 5
        Teaching Gender-Caste in India: Perils and Pleasures
        Speaker: Prof. Charu Gupta (University of Delhi)
      • 6
        Teaching Caste in the USA
        Speaker: Prof. Shankar Subramanian (University of Hawai`i at Manoa)
      • 7
        Teaching Caste and Dalit Studies
        Speaker: Prof. Kusuma Satyanarayana (English and Foreign Languages University, Hyderabad)
    • Workshop: “Rethinking the US History Survey Course
      • 8
        Public History and Memory in the Survey Classroom
        Speaker: Dr Neils Eichhorn (H-CivWar Chief Editor, New Mexico Junior College)
      • 9
        Actually, History Does Change: Teaching History as Interpretation Using Three Views of Slavery
        Speaker: Dr David Schieffler (H-CivWar Book Review Editor, Crowder College)
    • Panel: Teaching Reconstruction in Troubled Times

      Chair: Dr. Alexandra E. Stern, Assistant Professor of History, The City College of New York
      Participant: Dr. Katherine Lennard, Abbott Lowell Cummings Fellow in American Material Culture,
      Boston University
      Participant: Dr. Branden Adams, Lecturer, Department of History, University of California, Santa
      Participant: Dr. Rachel Miler, Assistant Professor of US History, College of Idaho
      Participant: Omari Averette-Phillips, PhD Candidate, History, University of California, Davis

    • Papers (Tuesday)
      • 10
        Grappling with US Higher Education’s Colonial Roots
        Speaker: Dr Andrea Walton (Associate Professor, History of Education, Higher Education and Student Affairs, Indiana University Bloomington)
      • 11
        Save American Democracy by Studying Radical Reconstruction: Civic Education for Today
        Speaker: Dr Christopher Wilkins (Associate Professor, Department Chair, Department of History, William Jewell College)
    • Roundtable: Teaching with Frederick Douglass Debates: His Narrative, Slavery, and the Constitution, 1845

      With college instructors who have taught with the text, the coauthors of the text and students who have
      used the text in class.
      Chair: Dr. Mark Higbee, Professor of History, Eastern Michigan University mhigbee@emich.edu
      Participant: Dr. Corey Brooks, Associate Professor of History, York College
      Participant: Dr. Laura June Davis, Associate Professor of History, Southern Utah University.
      Participant: Dr. Jason Hensley, Adjunct Instructor, Gratz College
      Participant: Dr. Rebecca Hooker, Virginia Wesleyan University
      Participant: Dr. Kimberly F. Jones, Associate Professor, Long Island University
      Participant: Dr. Peter Levy, Professor, York College.
      Participant: Dr. James Brewer Stewart, James Wallace Professor Emeritus, Macalester College
      Participant: Dr. Mark Thompson, Professor of Rhetoric, California State University at Stanislaus
      Participant: Dr. Eleanor Wittrup, Assistant Professor of Philosophy, University of the Pacific

    • Papers (Wednesday 1)
    • Papers (Wednesday 2)
      • 13
        The Power of Play: Game Pedagogy and Engaged Learning
        Speakers: Dr Amanda Hodges (Director of Summerland Honors Program, Newberry College), Mr Austin Reid (Director of Wessels Library, Newberry College), Dr Susan Epting (History Program, Newberry College)
      • 14
        Enchanted Capitalism: Myths, Markets, and Monsters
        Speaker: Dr Alex Zukas (Professor, Department of Social Sciences (retired))
    • Panel: DEI in Politically Sensitive Times: Exploring Empowerment, Biography, and Imaginative Spaces: Refashioning Pedagogical Strategies
      • 15
        Creating Parallel Imaginative Spaces: Literature as a pathway to difficult dialogues
        Speaker: Dr Joshua Olsberg (Associate Professor, Social Sciences Department, National University)
      • 16
        Walk A Mile in My Shoes: Personal histories and migration as a means of fostering deeper insights into categories like race/ethnicity
        Speaker: Dr Raphi Rechitski (Associate Professor, Social Sciences Department, National University)
      • 17
        From Blogs to Google Earth: Empowering students through news discussions of contemporary social issues”
        Speaker: Dr Lorna Zukas (Professor, Social Sciences Department, National University)
      • 18
        Teaching Polarizing Subjects in Polarized Times: Structure in Framing and Encouraging Discussion
        Speaker: Dr David Gerber (Distinguished Professor of History, Emeritus, Director Emeritus, Center for Disability Studies, University of Buffalo )
    • Papers (Wednesday 3)
      • 19
        Race and Gender via Relational Dialogue in the Community College Classroom
        Speaker: Dr Kara Kaufmann (Professor of History and Gender and Women’s Studies, North Shore Community College)
      • 20
        Women’s Studies Courses Are about More than Just Women: A Case for More Identity-Based Courses in Higher Education
        Speaker: Dr Lata Murti (Associate Professor of Sociology, University of Massachusetts Global)
    • Papers (Thursday 1)
    • Panel: Building Collaborative History Education for the 21st Century
      • 23
        Designing Student-Centered Learning for the 21st Century
        Speaker: Dr Trevor Getz (Professor, Department of History, San Francisco State University)
      • 24
        Testing and Redesigning Student-Centered Learning for the 21st Century
        Speaker: Dr Brenna Miller (Roots of Contemporary Issues Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow, Washington State University)
      • 25
        Facilitating Faculty Collaboration for Student-Centered Learning for the 21st Century
        Speaker: Dr Jesse Spohnholtz (Professor, Washington State University)
      • 26
        Beyond the textbook: Incorporating ‘Not your grandfather’s art history: a BIPOC Reader’
        Speaker: Dr Olivia Chiang (Professor, Manchester Community College)
    • Panel: Teaching Connected History in China: Challenges and Opportunities
      • 27
        New World Encounters: Reflections on Teaching Atlantic History in China and Considerations for Connected History More Generally”
        Speaker: Dr Jennifer Egloff (Assistant Professor, New York University Shanghai)
      • 28
        Many Histories, Two Systems: Teaching Modern African, Chinese and Global History
        Speaker: Prof. Jodie Yuzhou Sun (Senior Lecturer, Fudan University, China)
      • 29
        Looking at a Connected World from a Shanghai Classroom: Bringing the “Local” and the “Global” Together in Teaching the Histories of a Connected but Diverse World
        Speaker: Dr Asligul Berktay (East China Normal University)
    • Papers (Thursday 2)
      • 30
        Teaching Hard History: Using Photographs and Diaries to Teach the History of the American Concentration Camps During World War II
        Speaker: Dr Daniel Kotzin (Professor, William Jewell College)
      • 31
        Teaching International Relations through The Foreign Relations of the United States (FRUS) Series: Preparing for Archival Research in a World of Uncertainty
        Speaker: Mr Christopher Hulshof (Doctoral Student, University of Wisconsin-Madison)
    • Papers (Friday)
      • 32
        Twistory Projects for History Classrooms
        Speaker: Dr Ariane Knüsel (Co-Head of the History Department at Kantonsschule Baden, Switzerland)
    • Workshop: Uncharted Territories: Teaching History, Humanities, and Social Sciences in Innovative Ways

      Led by: Dr. Michele Rotunda, Union County College
      Dr. Kathleen Daly, Bryant University
      Dr. Leigh Ann Wilson, Vice President for Teaching and Learning, H-Net; University of Massachusetts Global

    • H-Net Town Hall